spoiled acres rescue

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Location of Spoiled Acres Rescue: Aurora, Indiana

Year established: 2006

Number of staff/volunteers/foster homes: We’re made up of all volunteers at Spoiled Acres Rescue.  There are 10 active volunteers with no paid staff. We currently have three foster homes.

Please describe type of animals you are working with  (seniors, breed specific, special needs, etc.): We currently have three emaciated horses that are our focus, but we take in any animal that our shelter cannot house. The three emaciated horses are: Rusty an older thoroughbred.  He was the victim of a divorce and a loss of a job. He was a BS of a 1.5 upon arrival. We also have Destiny.  She came in with Rusty. She is a quarter pony and is very sweet. She was a BS of 2.0. The newest horse on property is Manny.  He was a BS 1.5 upon arrival. He is a young standardbred stallion that will be a gelding within the next week. We also have Romeo. He was a nursemare foal. He is pending adoption at this time. Stormy was also a nursemare foal and may be leaving with Romeo.   We also have a yearling that has not been worked with. She is a tri-color paint and we are trying to calm her down. She is also pending adoption.

Briefly describe your favorite story:  A couple of years ago we had a large neglect case. We had called some friends and volunteers for trailers, so the word was out that we had 6 horses in bad shape coming. When we arrived with the three trailers we rounded up, we were met by half of our neighborhood. They were blocking traffic on the main road that we live on so that the trailers and cars could get into the driveway.  “Non horse people” were helping to unload. A team was working to set up our round pen beside the house so we could assess the horses. I was overwhelmed with the amount of help that came out of nowhere. I didn’t realize we had that much support until that day. It was quite amazing!

Are you currently fundraising and for what purpose? We have two current fundraisers.  One is for our winter hay.  We need about $6,000 to purchase enough hay for the winter. We have raised $1,100 to this date.  We also need barn repair. The repairs will cost an estimated $3,000 in materials.  We are working to put together a Bingo fundraiser for this. We also have two fundraisers planned for operating expenses. These will be done through community fair booths.

What do you enjoy most about what you do? Seeing a neglected animal become a happy healthy animals.

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