Monday, May 25, 2020


PEMF therapy for your horse’s health and performance

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is used by horse caretakers, trainers and groomers to enhance health and performance in equines. What happens when you...


Kemin’s 3-pronged approach to gut health helps horses thrive

Thanks to Kemin's one-of-a-kind program, achieving optimal gut health in horses has never been easier. As many horse caretakers now know, a well-functioning gut is...

Top sources of Omega-3 fatty acids for horses

A look at the role of Omega-3 fatty acids in the equine diet, and how to determine the best source for your horse. Omega-3 fatty...
Cranberry chia crunch

Cranberry chia crunch


How to prepare your horse for roping

Roping is a diverse discipline that requires a great deal of training. These tips will help you introduce your horse to the sport --...


What horses can teach us about mindfulness

A practical guide to the benefits of greater self-awareness and mindfulness in the barn and beyond. What is mindfulness? I like to think of it...

Saving America’s wild burros

An inside look at the current circumstances surrounding wild burros in the US, and how organizations are working to manage the overpopulation of these...


Equine-assisted interventions may benefit veterans

Equine-assisted interventions may benefit veterans

Researchers have discovered that equine-assisted interventions show promise for improving the psychosocial well-being of veterans. Equine-assisted interventions (EAIs) have been shown to be of great benefit to humans. Though more studies are needed to confirm their efficacy, they’ve been successfully used to help those with depression, anxiety, ADHD, addiction, trauma,...
Senior horse returns to ring after Kissing Spine

Senior horse returns to ring after Kissing Spine

The story of a senior horse who made a tremendous comeback after being diagnosed with Kissing Spine. In 2018, an 11-year-old quarter horse named Wrangler was brought into Cornell University Hospital for Animals' equine hospital after bolting at a competition and showing obvious signs of discomfort. An assessment confirmed he...
The importance of carbohydrates in your horse’s diet

The importance of carbohydrates in your horse’s diet

Understanding how carbohydrates affect overall health is significant when formulating a successful feeding program for your horse. Carbohydrates, both structural and soluble, are cornerstones of equine nutrition. Structural carbohydrates form the “fiber” component of your animals’ diet and are typically provided as either pasture or high-quality grass hay. Concentrate grains...