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The Four Pillars of Equine Wellness

Equine Wellness Magazine has always been at the forefront when it comes to natural pet health. Our decades of experience led us to the creation of the Four Pillars of Equine Wellness.

At Equine Wellness Magazine, we believe the foundation of optimal wellness and happiness is built upon FOUR PILLARS — Natural Health, Natural Nutrition, Positive Training, and Active Lifestyle. Each of these Pillars plays a supporting role in providing your equine companion with the longest, best quality of life possible.

Natural Health… means taking an integrative approach with your horse’s health and using natural and alternative treatments that are both good for your companion and for the environment.

Natural Nutrition… means feeding your pet a balanced diet based on whole and natural ingredients that are appropriate for the species.

Positive Training… means acknowledging that your companion is a living being that experiences a range of emotions, but at heart is still a member of its species. By using positive reinforcement, you can establish a bond with your horse that is built on respect and love instead of fear.

Active Lifestyle… ensures that the bond with your horse is maintained in a positive way through exercise, play, and quality time together.

These Four Pillars of Equine Wellness are the cornerstones of our organization and we hope they can become yours, too!

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