iron gait percherons

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Location of Iron Gait Percherons: Waleska, GA

Year established: 2011

Number of staff/volunteers/foster homes: “We currently have an unpaid staff of four. The number of volunteers varies with the seasons and school year, but ranges from five to ten at any given time. We currently have only one foster home that we use outside of IGP.”

Types of animals they work with: “Our mission and expertise at Iron Gait Percherons is focused on Percherons and other draft breeds such as Clydesdales and Belgians. However, we have taken in horses and ponies of all breeds from all over the country. We work with foals and seniors and many equines with special needs.”

Fundraising initiatives: “We are always fundraising and in need of donations to help us maintain the daily cost of rescuing, training, and caring for these magnificent animals. No one receives a salary and 100% of donations go directly to supporting our cause. In addition to ongoing care, we are hoping to be able to build additional shelters in several of our pastures to reduce the need for temporary stalls in the barn and covered arena.”

Favorite rescue story: “Bebe was a six-year-old Percheron mare we brought in last year. We were concerned she would end up at an auction/sale or a kill pen due to a facial deformity we feared resulted from a previous injury. It exposed a large area of the right side of her mouth and gums, making it difficult for her to keep food in her mouth.

“We had Bebe evaluated by several veterinarians who all agreed it was the result of a previous injury and that corrective surgery would make life easier for her. IGP found a veterinarian who offered to do reconstructive surgery at a reduced rate and then we reached out to the public to raise funds for this effort. The funds were raised, and Bebe had her reconstructive surgery. The results were amazing.

“When Bebe returned to the rescue no one could believe how her beauty, which was on the inside, transformed to the outside. It was as if she knew what everyone did for her. She now has a complete lip and nostril and a wonderful new life. Bebe was adopted to a wonderful and loving home, putting her horrible past behind her.”

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