By Wayne Blevins


Introducing our NEW hoof care Q&A with hoof care specialist Wayne Blevins from E3 Live FOR HORSES. Wayne will choose 1-2 questions to answer each week! Just leave a comment on our Facebook Page. Answers posted every Thursday.

Q.  Could you please explain the difference between AFA, spirulina, and kelp? And how is feeding AFA better than feeding a manmade hoof supplement?

A.  Spirulina and kelp are natural, ocean, salt water products.  They have been harvested and made into very nutritious feed for horses.  Of the two, the Spirulina is closest in comparison to AFA, which is a fresh water algae, found only in the pristine fresh waters of Klamath Lake, Oregon.

The difference is two fold. The AFA is much richer nutrition and more suited to the needs of the horse and it has a much thinner cell wall thereby allowing it to break open and allow the rich micronutrients within to be assimilated in the digestive process.

The problem with formulated products is, they are not in a natural micronutrient form and most of the nutrients are not readily available and are passed through the animal before it can be broken down and absorbed.