By Jasmine June Cabanaw


Autumn is such a wonderful season to be spending time with horses; the crunch of leaves underfoot, inhaling the crisp air, and feeding your horse apples right off the tree. It’s also the season to celebrate Halloween! There are plenty of ways for your horse to get in on the fun. See our list of tips and treats to ensure that your horse participates in ways that are both safe and fun.

1. Horses sure look adorable in costumes! Just make sure that the costume will not cause your horse to trip, does not restrict vision, and does not hinder movement. Pay attention to your horse‘s body language to make sure that he isn’t uncomfortable. If there are any loose ties or fabric, keep an eye on your horse to make sure that the costume does not get caught on anything.

2. If you have your horse out and about on Halloween, pay attention to how your horse is reacting around noisy areas. Halloween festivities can be louder than what your horse is used to, so even a horse that never spooks could get spooked on Halloween.

3. Pumpkin can be a nice treat for horses! Just scoop out the insides. For a festive treat, carve a small pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern and stuff it with chopped apples and carrots. Your horse will love it! Large pumpkins should be chopped up to avoid choking.

4. Pumpkin and sweet squashes are fine for feeding to horses, but the decorative gourds that are popular during Halloween are not.

5. Be careful to keep human treats out of your horse‘s reach. Candy wrappers can cause problems for horses if they are swallowed. As well, the sugar and chocolate is not good for horses.

6. Keep an eye out for Halloween pranksters. Sadly, Halloween is the most dangerous night of the year for domestic animals. If you see someone lurking around who isn’t your regular trick-or-treater, keep a close eye on him or call the police.

7. Watch your horse around lit pumpkins. Curious horses can burn their noses, or knock the pumpkin over and start a fire.

8. Creative costume idea: team up with your horse to be a costumed duo! An extra spooky one is the headless horseman from Sleepy Hollow.