blue green algae

Blue green algae, a simple solution to nutrient deficiency.

Your horse has no alternative but to trust you in making responsible choices for his diet. There was a time when nutrient-rich grasses were a staple all over the earth, and horses thrived because of it. Today, nothing could be farther from the truth.

After trying freshwater blue green algae with sea minerals in my own horses, introducing it into my horseshoeing business was a must. I found many of my clients’ horses had a nutrient deficiency that needed to be solved before farrier work could be applied. My enthusiasm for the results I witnessed with my own horses was enough for many of my clients to give it a try on their horses. My clients use a freshwater blue green algae and sea mineral combination for a variety of problems – including low heels, weak and crumbling hoof walls, and laminitis. I was amazed that these problems were all helped by the rich nutrition offered by the product. Clear material at the distal hoof was common to all, and seemed to suggest there was tissue regeneration occurring that did not wait for new growth from the coronet. The most profound results that were clinically documented involved my laminitis cases. The new tissue growth below the point of the coffin bone gave me the material I needed to rocker the toe and get the bone column into proper alignment.

Wayne Blevins was a working farrier, breeder, trainer, and all around horseman for over 30 years. He achieved a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from New Mexico State University and served four years as flight mechanic with the US Coast Guard. The last ten years as a working farrier, Wayne documented the results of feeding E3 AFA FOR HORSES to horses with poor hoof conditions. He now lives in Placerville, California with his wife Jeannie, working to make THE PERFECT HORSE® well known among horsemen and women worldwide.