barn door

Choosing the right sectional and sliding barn door for your equine facility.

Whether you’re planning to build a small pleasure barn or a large training facility, with an extra-wide clear span arena for riding, choosing the right type of overhead barn door for your equine facility is essential. Every equine facility is a custom engineered building to meet your needs for scale of use.

Overhead and sliding doors are generally made from one of three types of material: steel, wood, or aluminum. Though each of these has its benefits, steel and aluminum doors are by far the most efficient. Steel doors require very little maintenance and come pre-painted with a factory-applied coating. Aluminum doors are incredibly durable, corrosion-resistant and ideal for humid environments. Incorporating glazed sections into a steel or aluminum barn door will maximize natural light into the interior space while still offering insulating value.

Many overhead doors are designed with raised panels or scored designs, which create depth and personality, and certainly eye-catching views. Carriage-style doors are very sophisticated and incredibly versatile, either in a sliding application or an overhead installation.

The overhead doors you choose for your barn or arena should be carefully selected to ensure they meet or exceed industry standards for strength and durability. A galvanized steel overhead barn door offers the unique combination of superior strength, optimal weight and corrosion resistance.

To ensure you are maintaining ideal heating and humidity settings, it is critical that the builder has a sound knowledge about the types of insulation available in overhead doors. Polyurethane insulated doors help reduce the impact of outside air temperatures, thus reducing the amount of energy required to cool or heat your facility. Ensuring the overhead barn door has the highest quality polyurethane insulation between the panels provides higher R-value, better strength and consistent protection from all elements.

Built to Last

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