2 reasons not to neglect winter grooming
Photo courtesy of Betty’s Best.

Brushing your horse isn’t just important in the spring! Take a look at why you should establish a regular winter grooming routine.

Many people assume that regular grooming is only necessary when horses are shedding their winter coats. But the truth is, grooming offers very important benefits during the cold months, too! Not convinced? Here’s a couple benefits that winter grooming can offer your equine companion:

1. Better circulation for stall-bound horses

It’s not uncommon for horses to be stall-bound for a few months during the off-season due to bad weather, injury or illness. If your horse is one of the unlucky ones, it’s important to take steps to increase his circulation, which ultimately promotes healing and decreases his risk of inflammation and other health issues. When done right, grooming is one of the best and least invasive ways to accomplish this.

The act of being brushed is similar to getting a massage. It increases blood flow, relaxes large muscle groups, and helps release tightness in the connective tissues. For horses with limited mobility, these are crucial components of recovery.

2. Removal of mud, snow and ice

Ice and mud buildup on your horse’s feet and legs shouldn’t be ignored. Over time, it’ll start to irritate his skin and potentially even lead to infection. The best way to prevent this from happening is to maintain a regular grooming schedule all season long. When the snow starts to fly, diligently remove those dirty ice chunks from his coat on a daily basis.

The tool you use for winter grooming is important. You’ll want to choose a gentle option that will feel good and work well. It shouldn’t scrape your horse’s skin or cause damage to his lush winter coat.

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