What Is 4H Horse Program
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The 4-H program aims to encourage the younger generation to horse riding. That is a youth development program that promotes horsemanship, recreation, and having fun with other equestrians. Such a program is loved by parents as they want their children to develop their physical and mental skills.

Here, we’d like to take stock of 4H horsemanship basics to be considered.

What Does 4H Stand For?

So what is 4h in horse riding? 4h stands for Head, Heart, Hands, and Health. The 4h horse program has its logo with a four-leaf clover and an “H” on each leaf. This project gathers equestrian professionals and volunteers. It judges to provide safe and helpful conditions for kids riding.

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4H Horse Program

The 4h program is designed by experts in order to promote the proper physical and mental development of the youth. Since this sport fosters a variety of life skills, succeeding in this program may lead to hobby or business ideas.

A great benefit of the 4h horse project is that all walks of life are welcome to participate. No matter what your riding style is, whether you’re rookie or advanced, there’s a place for everyone. If you don’t have your own companion, 4h horses (project horses) are available via sharing or leasing. Equestrian apparel like a riding helmet for kids can be provided (but it’s recommended to bring your equipment). Children with special needs can also take part in the program being supervised by equestrian professionals.

There’s a wide range of 4-H programs to any taste. For instance, 4-H Nova Scotia (Canada) offers to participate in a variety of projects. This includes light horse basics, mini horse, and draft horse programs.

4H Horse Program Cost

According to the Pennsylvania 4-H program, you should pay for the program and member fee. The 4h horse member fee is $25 yearly in each county. Thus, the program fee is $25.00 x the number of 4h members in the county.

The payment allows the host party to provide its members with a quality service. This includes funding staff, clinics, recreational programs, horse feeding, youth education, and training.

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4H Horsemanship

4-H horsemanship is a versatile program that aims to provide in-depth equestrian learning and training. The program teaches kids to be kind to their companions as well as other equine riders. It fosters bonding with a horse to perform in tandem.

The Nebraska 4H program offers four levels for 4h members. The following skills are assessed at each level:

  • Level I: demonstration, written examination, and skills test.
  • Level II: demonstration, written report, feed chart, written examination, and skills test.
  • Level III: demonstration, written report, feed chart, health care paper, written examination, and skills test.
  • Level IV: demonstration, written report, and skills test.

Final Thoughts

If your children are willing to take up horse riding, taking part in a 4h project is an ace choice. You don’t need to be an avid rider to participate as all levels are accepted. With gaining skills, kids can be assessed at a 4h horse show to demonstrate their achievements.

A bunch of skills is learned, starting from basic grooming to feeding, horse handling, safety, health care, and so on. Thus, 4h horsemanship is an exciting experience for the youth but they need to be industrious to level up.