4 uses for therapeutic taping

Whether you work with high performance horses or retired seniors, therapeutic taping has numerous uses and benefits.

These days, a wide range of adjunct therapies can help you achieve optimal mobility in your equine companions. Among these is elastic therapeutic taping, a technique that’s becoming increasingly popular for pain management, edema control, muscle and joint support, and other specific equine needs. If applied properly, this low-impact intervention causes no stress to the horse. On the contrary, it provides a calming touch when the animal is irritated and emotional due to physical discomfort.

Below are just a few different ailments that can improve with the assistance of therapeutic taping:

Example 1: Limited mobility

This competitive jumper presented restriction to perform lateral flexion of the neck. After chiropractic sessions, elastic therapeutic tape was applied proximal to distal to facilitate the brachiocephalic muscle. This classic taping technique eased the horse’s neck movement, and the increased mobility and comfort helped horse and rider coordinate their weight more efficiently.

Example 2: Edema

This Quarter Horse stallion presented edema in the distal region of the left hind limb, probably caused by contusion. After physiotherapy, lymphatic drainage and cross-fan application of elastic therapeutic tape to continue the drainage process, the horse healed completely over the span of 12 weeks.

Example 3: Hypotrophy

The same stallion later presented bilateral onset of hypotrophy in semitendinosus muscles. Therapeutic tape was applied to these muscles after chiropractic sessions, which helped extend the benefit of the treatment in between appointments.

Example 4: Back pain

This barrel racing Quarter Horse mare experiences low back pain often related to a pelvic rotation. In addition to therapies such as equine massage and laser, elastic therapeutic tape is applied to help correct the thoracic lumbar fascia whenever she travels to competitions. This helps prevent low back pain caused by compensation during transportation.

As a horse caretaker, it’s important to equip yourself with as many tools as possible to help your horse in case of injury or mobility issues. Ask your vet how elastic therapeutic tape can be used on your own farm!