Sunshine Horse Rescue

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Location: Central Square and Syracuse, NY

Year established: 2003

Number of staff/volunteers: Over 200 volunteers

Types of animals they work with: “We take in retired racehorses and any other horse in need — space and finances permitting,” says Kate Starr, president.

Fundraising targets: “We have many fundraising options and events, such as annual open houses, and finding sponsors for individual horses while they are awaiting adoption.”

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Favorite rescue story: “The rescue I will always remember as the most intense was one that couldn’t be told until now because the identity of the hoarder, who was going to lose his horses in a possible SPCA seizure, had to be protected. He was an older man who was not cruel, just beyond his resources.

“I was given 48 hours to relocate the horses and it was in the middle of March with cold winds and freezing temperatures. There were 14 horses, four of which were stallions. The horses were up to their knees in either mud or ice. Six of the mares were pregnant. The mares had never been handled and we didn’t know conception dates so had no idea when they would foal. The horses were quite skinny and had rain rot on their bodies and their legs. Between volunteers, people with stock trailers and a veterinarian donating her services, 13 horses were safely relocated. Many horses were rescued that night, many lifelong friends were made, and an old man’s dignity was saved.”