Achieve success in the show ring with Animal Communication

Animal Communication helped address the cause of this horse’s anxiety and helped him and his rider thrive.

Stress at an event is pretty common – to an extent. At a recent show, a seasoned eventing family noticed that their horse crossed the line from a healthy to an unhealthy amount of stress. Apparently, out of nowhere, their usually stoic, beloved bay gelding, Savior, was suddenly very spooky.

As a senior eventer, Savior had offered a solid foundation for his young rider to gain all the experience she could wish for on her way to becoming a talented student trainer. But gradually, he began to change. He became animated, highly sensitive and riddled with tension throughout his body. Savior’s ability to listen and align with his rider was overridden by pure reaction. Standing still was no longer an option as he found himself in a state of extreme, inconsolable stress.

Paying attention

Knowing that horses “speak” through behavior and energetic exchange, Savior’s family were not the type of people to simply push through or reprimand him for acting in a way they didn’t like. Intuitively, they knew he had his reasons, and he was doing his best to act them out using non-verbal stress signals (see sidebar). Instead of punishment, they explored the origins of his behavioral changes. They tried several remedies, but nothing seemed to work. Fearful for the safety of both horse and rider, they had no choice but to withdraw from the competition.

Asking for help

Concerned competing may have burnt him out, Savior’s family knew it was time to give him a voice. Instead of speculating about the underlying cause, they came to me for help.

My clients were no strangers to seeking solutions through training techniques and an abundance of bodywork. And as an equine behaviorist and natural horsewoman, I certainly could have suggested seeking answers through training. But to save time, money and energy it made sense to put my Animal Communication skills to good use and go straight to the horse’s mouth.

Seeking answers through communication

I knew with Saviors insiders’ standpoint and my independent professional outside perspective, we would get to the bottom of his behavioral changes.

Despite sensing something was wrong at the time of the event it remained to be seen if this was a matter of:

  • A former memory
  • Post-traumatic stress
  • Anticipation
  • Fear, worry or concern
  • Dietary deficiencies or changes
  • Sudden sensory overload
  • Ill-fitting tack
  • Lack of exposure or confidence
  • Change in circumstances
  • Incorrect or ineffective training
  • Strong energy at the show
  • Show sourness
  • Rider influence or error
  • Acute or chronic pain

Having already done several sessions and built a trusting rapport with Savior in the past, our connection was almost instant. Distance was not a detriment, as this language has no barriers or boundaries. He communicated through telepathic means, from one mind to another.

Through clear moving images and emotions he immediately honed in on the event, bringing forward an associative memory specific to the horse show in question.

It was all about the location. Rarely influenced by his past, he had found himself unable to move through this deep-rooted issue. He didn’t want to give up on his rider but neither could he forget his past experience in that location.

He diligently went through the circumstances with me and I was able to engage in a comprehensive dialogue with him. Not only was he heard, he was understood.

A journey to healing

The detailed description of the events of that day and the discussion that followed brought with it instant and achievable solutions. Instead of punishment, limitation, stress or fear, the communication brought answers and a stronger bond.

Savior was up for the challenge and excited about dedicating himself to helping his rider be the best she could be. He had never once failed his family, ceased to amaze them or stopped supporting their dreams. And in turn, his human companion aspired to learn his language and open her mind and heart to his. Together, they both received the most incredible gift of true partnership.