horse fencing

Proper fencing protects your horses, and your property.

Horse owners are presented with unique challenges when it comes to keeping their treasured equines safe and secure. While horses must be confined for their own protection, they must also be able to safely and freely move about to exercise and graze. So a reliable fencing is crucial.

Consider These Facts:

• An adult horse can kick at a force of 1,000 pounds per square inch
• The average weight of an adult horse is about 1,000 pounds
• A foal’s hoof measures just 2½”.
• An average horse can run 35 to 40 miles an hour.
• The typical life expectancy of a horse is 20 to 25 years.

A safe, strong fence will flex rather than break when heavy pressure from one or more horses pushes against it. Correct mesh spacing will protect hooves from getting caught, and keep predators at bay. When startled, horses tend to flee, so a highly visible barrier prevents them from crashing through the fence. Thoughtful design features and high quality materials will protect your horses while providing low maintenance service that lasts years.

Dain Rakestraw joined Red Brand as the Marketing Manager in May of 2003. He is responsible for the marketing, communications and strategic business development of the entire line of Red Brand Agricultural Fencing Products. Preferred by barn owners and professionals alike, Red Brand’s Keepsafe® V-Mesh Horse Fence and 2”x4” Non-Climb satisfies all the criteria for a safe, strong, long-lasting fence (