Why Rover’s Pet has become a trusted name in CBD for dogs, cats and horses

Rover’s Pet has become known by animal caretakers as one of the most trusted CBD brands in the industry. Here’s why.

These days, more and more equine caretakers are reaching for CBD as a way to promote the health of their dogs, cats and horses. But how do you know which companies to trust, and what exactly determines quality? These are the questions Mark and RaChelle Lobre faced when their beloved dog, Ozzy, was diagnosed with cancer. They decided to pursue CBD as a way to make Ozzy comfortable during his final days, and tried a few different brands, but none delivered the promised results, even though the prices were high. Discouraged by the available options, the Lobres decided to develop their own CBD product for animals.

A dedication to research

Mark and RaChelle first spent two years going over three decades of research from top veterinary universities, in order to learn everything they could about CBD and how it works to heal animals. This measured approach served them well, and resulted in the launch of Rover’s Pet, a company offering superior quality CBD oil and treats.

“There are so many myths surrounding CBD, due to products that came out too soon,” says RaChelle. “The research on what is safe for pets and horses was not done, and the ones who are suffering are the animals.”

Education, quality and transparency

Because of these myths, a big part of the company’s mission is to educate consumers. It’s important to Mark and RaChelle that animal caretakers such as themselves understand the risks associated with buying low quality CBD, so they devote a lot of resources to spreading the word. Meanwhile, they manufacture their own CBD oil and treats using innovative nanotechnology, which removes all traces of THC from the formula, leaving only the beneficial cannabidiol (CBD) intact. Because CBD is not psychoactive like THC, the result is products that are safe and effective for animals.

Dedicated to transparency, Rover’s Pet posts all their purity tests online for customers to see. “Our oils are third-party, lab tested, and come from a certified organic farm,” says RaChelle. “The freeze-dried duck nibs contain no corn, no wheat, no soy or chemicals – just fresh USDA protein and quality CBD oils.” Rover’s Pet also believes in operating on a “seed to sale” system, which means their CBD comes directly from the grower, bypassing distributors who may dilute the oil for profit. All these quality assurance measures give customers peace of mind that they’re investing in the right products for their animals.

Champion’s Relief

Rover’s Pet released their organically-grown equine CBD oil, Champion’s Relief, in 2018, and have since received an influx of positive reviews. This 3,000 mg oil contains no THC, and may offer pain relief, reduce inflammation, improve digestion, and soothe anxiety in horses. It has also been shown to be effective for treating sore joints and muscles, making it ideal for seniors and performance horses. It’s available in a 4 oz bottle with a syringe for easy administration.

As the CBD market becomes even more crowded, consumers need to invest their money in a company they can trust. Rover’s Pet is proud to fulfil that need, and to continue using research and education as a way to keep animals safe, happy and healthy. “Helping people understand and obtain knowledge from someone who cares about their beautiful animals is why we created Rover’s Pet.”