Refresh your barn windows and doors

There’s nothing like the warm rays of sun and fresh scents of summer to bring on a barn refresh or renovation in your equine facility.

There are a wide variety of window and door styles to consider, such as window grilles and yokes, hinged barn windows, shutters and classic double-hung with screens. Barn door options for exterior and interior operations include traditional Dutch doors, sliding barn entry doors, stall gates, interior sliding grille gates, and overhead insulated steel doors with standard hardware or high-lift. Many of these door styles are composed of wood, aluminum and vinyl.

If you are doing a refresh on your equine facility’s windows and doors, it is important to replace any weather seals and gaskets for better insulating and cooling properties. Well-lubricated hinges, locks and springs will ensure ease of operation and extend the life of the window or door. Be sure to replace any damaged or fatigued door and window components to avoid untimely or costly repairs.

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Kim Mihalcheon is the Executive Director for Steel-Craft Door Products Ltd., which builds high quality residential and commercial garage doors using the highest-grade materials and best manufacturing techniques. Their attention to quality and detail enables them to build doors ideally suited for the unique Canadian climate. The high R-value and steel composition of their doors lowers heating and cooling costs by keeping interiors warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Produced from a recyclable product steel, Steel-Craft doors are a sustainable choice. Durable, highly efficient, and 100% Canadianmanufactured, the doors are built to last in Canada’s climate.