Rainhill Equine Facility

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Location: Bowling Green, KY

Year established: 2005

Number of staff/volunteers: “Because we focus on blind horses, we do not enlist the help of volunteers to assist with feeding and everyday chores around the farm,” says Rainhill Equine Facility founder Karen Thurman. “Our volunteer days are scheduled in advance and primarily consist of cleaning, painting and general maintenance. We also don’t have foster homes – – when a horse arrives at Rainhill, he is there to live out his life.”

Types of animals they work with: “REF’s special focus is blind horses. We have 36 sightless horses. The other 14 that we care for have various disabilities that limit their usefulness as riding mounts.”

Fundraising targets: “One of our most successful fundraising events is the sale of artwork done by our resident equine artist, VanGogh. As you can see by his photo, VanGogh is truly an original, just like his paintings. What happened to his ears remains a mystery. VanGogh is happy and well-adjusted and seems to know he is a very special horse with incredible talent.”

Favorite rescue story: “Last fall, I received a call from an organization in New Jersey called Helping Hearts. These wonderful folks go to the local auctions, photograph the horses, and post them online in the hopes of getting them homes. Beau is a beautiful, well-behaved, young Quarter Horse gelding who just happens to be blind. He was sent to auction a second time when the first buyer discovered he could not see. Luckily, Helping
Hearts was there and contacted me. Of course I said ‘yes’, and they brought Beau all the way to Rainhill.”