quantum mechanics and your horse

You may not think quantum mechanics and horses go together. One trainer explores this link to help horses become healthier and more balanced.

Understanding the crooked horse

If your horse is no longer a joy to ride, you may begin with some of the more common problem solvers – veterinarian, farrier, chiropractor. After you exhaust all traditional resources, you decide to call in a new trainer. She begins the first session by taking a look at your horse and talks about conformation, birth trauma, posture, and how they relate to the crooked horse. She explains that horses are born with twisted joints, fractured ribs and “invisible” bruising, which set patterns of imbalance. As the foal grows, these twists create emotional and physical pain which in turn creates behavioral problems. This imbalance forms the quantum mechanical relationship between the body and how it utilizes environmental energy to resolve pain.

I am that trainer, and I have decided to combine classical and natural horsemanship with quantum physics to address crooked horses. Before I get into the issue at large, I want you to try something. Take a towel and twist it – notice how flexible it is in the beginning. Now, keep twisting it – notice how rigid it has become. Keep twisting it until the towel knots up and folds over on itself. When a horse’s body becomes rigid he will no longer allow you mount up. However, if he pushes his pain to the side, he will experience extreme consequences leading to lameness, personality changes and other degenerative effects. This is the pattern of life as a crooked horse.

In quantum mechanics, the horse is a container of various forms of energy. Each twist or knot in your horse’s body slows or traps the body’s life force, slowing its journey through the body. Reducing the twists in the physical (muscle and structure), cellular (DNA blueprint) and energetic (quantum energy) levels within the body makes everything work better. Improving the body’s symmetry allows it to operate with fewer problems. This offers trainers a pain free horse to develop.

Quantum Mechanics

Quantum mechanics refers to quanta or subatomic particles moving through space. The ability of the light particles (photons) or wavelengths to pass through the body suggests they’re formed by energy or light. When photons slow down they influence atoms and compose the solid shapes and forms we interact with. Energy resources run through invisible interlaced networks, entangling you and your horse as one element. To clarify, the horse’s body is solid light particles which are connected and influenced by the surrounding environment. You are part of that environment.

Subtle Transformations

Now, visualize the trainer working on your horse. Watch her use a series of ropes, gentle touches, and passive contact to create incredible results. What you don’t see is the use of her quantum intent. This is the key to changing the outcome. Your horse licks and yawns and drops his swaying head as he melts into himself. Within minutes his body starts to transform right before your eyes. The trainer says, “Your horse has had enough.” How does she know he is tired? He hasn’t even seen the saddle today.

While she is packing up her things, she tells you to take lots of photos so you can see your horse’s transformation over the next few days and weeks. By feeding time you notice a subtle change. You start snapping away, and five days later see proof of your horse’s spontaneous transformation. He has less pain, positive emotional expressions and flexibility. His leg rotation has improved and his scar tissue has reduced. Nine months later, you have a completely new horse.

About the Balanced Horse Project

I want to change how we train crooked horses using my Equine Entanglement Theory. Resolving the crooked horse eliminates many issues. Instead of fixing isolated symptoms like a back, leg or muscle, we need to address the whole horse to achieve a truly holistic effect.

The quantum potential of our thoughts shapes outcomes. This is known as the entanglement theory. My perspective allows the body to unwind before training or during a career. Efficient energy flow reduces injury while advancing the regeneration of weak or damaged tissue. Mature horses enjoy being straight – going to work with an uncomplicated body cancels their fear of pain. Either way, pain is the result of quantum imbalances forming the crooked horse. This insight offers new potential to improving the resistant or physically challenged horse.

Quantum horses beat the odds and win awards in recognized dressage, the show ring, and on the tracks. The Balanced Horse Project is an ongoing program that supports the natural development of symmetrical horses by using the theories of quantum mechanics. My research and work have presented dramatic improvements in extremely damaged and dangerous horses. The results have created sound, confident, efficient horses ready to work. It gives horses with bleak prognoses a second chance at life. “Working with the Equine Entanglement Theory unravels the mysteries of training and riding the crooked horse,” is the horseman’s quantum motto.

Quantum Mechanics Homework

Nova Quantum Mechanics youtube.com/watch?v=Nv1_YB1IedE
Michio Kakuc, Quantum Mechanics youtube.com watch?v=AzsN9N8hfAg

Patricia Cleveland is originally from Peterborough, ON, Canada. She has led numerous horses in various disciplines to the winner’s circle. Some of her most notable achievements were USD F bronze medalist in dressage, technical consultant for renowned pacing horse Dr. No and consultant for U.S. Olympic Eventer Julie Burns Black. To learn more about The Balanced Horse Project, visit thebalancedhorseproject.net or contact the author at bhpcleveland@gmail.com.