Inspired by nature and backed by science, Purica offers wholesome supplements that promote whole body health in horses.

In the late 1990s, brothers Jason and Trevor Watkin set out on a philanthropic mission. Guided by their respective backgrounds, they began brainstorming how they could help people cope with pain in a natural way. Their initial plan was to use their passion and knowledge to educate and inspire others. But, as an integrative pharmacy manager, Jason was able to turn their ideas into something more concrete. He developed Jason’s Formula – a product that has since helped thousands of people and animals.

By the turn of the century, Jason’s Formula was rebranded as Recovery, and became the flagship product for the Watkins brothers’ new company, Purica. Though Recovery was intended for human use, studies gave Jason and Trevor the insight to tweak it for horses. Recovery EQ, a powder that promotes surgical and injury recovery in equines, made its first appearance in veterinary clinics. It was designed to inhibit damage to cells, curb inflammation, relax tension, increase a cell’s ability to receive hormones and, ultimately, improve the body’s ability to heal.

After witnessing the product’s success, Trevor and Jason were eager to help even more horses. So, when an opportunity to participate in a research study presented itself, they decided to accept. “Veterinarians do field trials on products and then publish them no matter what,” explains Trevor. “In accepting to join you are risking a good or bad outcome so you must be confident – which we were.” A year and a half later, the results were in. Recovery EQ was named the top product overall for equine arthritis and back pain, turning their handcrafted creation into a must-have sensation.

This monumental landmark in the company’s history was just the beginning. Purica has since launched an entire line of products for horses, humans and companion animals, all designed to enhance health. The first line of their mission, “inspired by nature and backed by science”, is evident in everything they produce. Each of their supplements are designed with organic, vegan, non-GMO ingredients straight from the earth. They’ve also been licensed by Health Canada. Indeed, this Canadian-owned and operated company is dedicated to offering only the best to their two- and four-legged customers.

Though they brought different skills to the table, Trevor and Jason shared a very similar vision from the start. They wanted to help shape a world where people and animals could achieve their fullest potential, create new horizons in health and wellness, and empower people with the finest whole foods, supplements and lifestyle solutions. As Purica approaches its 20th anniversary, it’s safe to say they’ve done just that. “I personally look forward to coming to work every day,” says Trevor. “We have incredible employees on our team, and it truly is like a family that is working together to help humans and animals live a better life.”