There are many types of colic, but it seems the main one we often face is impaction colic. To save time and pasture space, we have placed horses in stalls, pens and paddocks where grass is not available. Through manmade intervention, we have designed concentrated feeds to replace the nutrition of fresh growing grass. The horse’s digestive tract is designed for him to graze on grass all day.

Thanks to manmade feed, horses are now consuming approximately one to six pounds of concentrated feed in 30 minutes or less. After they eat their concentrated feed, they then munch on dry hay. That one big meal is now being pushed through the digestive tract with the help of saliva. No wonder there are so many impaction colics!

However, even horses on pastures have impaction colics. These are due to:

• Weather changes

• Riding for long periods without offering water

• Feeding poor quality hay

• Rapidly changing feeds

• Irregular de-worming program

SayWhoa!, a formula from Stops Colic, LLC, reverses the process of dehydration of the intestine and assists in stimulating the smooth muscles so peristalsis may return. The reason it works so quickly is that as soon as the horse swallows it, it is absorbed into the bloodstream. This way it does not need to travel all the way to the impaction site. The ingredients work with the horse’s body through osmosis to help draw body fluids back into the intestine, thereby softening the impaction. This also helps replace the ionic solutions that work to restore peristalsis.