PEMF therapy for your horse’s health and performance

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is used by horse caretakers, trainers and groomers to enhance health and performance in equines.

What happens when you marry ancient healing wisdom with modern wellness technology?  A perfect match! Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) technology is becoming a popular therapy for humans and horses alike because it embraces both these aspects – conventional “horse sense” and scientific innovation. The result? Limitless positive effects.

The energy flow of the body as perceived by integrative practitioners thousands of years ago has now been validated by current medical research. Using innovative equipment and expertise, this energy flow can be measured and observed – how it moves, how it operates, and how it enhances our healing process. At the core of every living organism, including humans and their horses, is energy – the fundamental component of understanding and acquiring health and healing. This is the premise by which PEMF devices work.

How do PEMF devices work?

PEMF devices send powerful pulsed energy waves into the body to stimulate its natural ability to heal and regenerate on a cellular level. These energy waves directly impact cell energy and their ability to ward off whatever is threatening them, whether emotional or physical. Some PEMF devices use proprietary multi-dimensional signals or waveforms via the electromagnetic field to stimulate the body’s healing response. Because these devices support the very essence of energy flow, they can be effectively used on a daily basis not only to accelerate healing, but also for preventing disease and disorders.

Using pulsed energy waves, these devices are designed to stimulate the circulatory system. Blood is the body’s universal means of transporting oxygen, nutrients, hormones and immune fighting cells. The blood stream also delivers toxins to the eliminative organs. PEMF devices are designed to stimulate the flow of blood to every part of the body, and therefore have a huge impact on the health of your horse – from the immune response to the digestive and excretory systems, as well as every system in between.

PEMF devices are safe and painless. There are no negative side effects; only a sense of relaxation and well-being as the electromagnetic signals gently pulsate their healing properties throughout the entire body and mind.

What issues do PEMF devices positively affect?

The most efficient PEMF devices focus on the core bodily systems necessary for health and well-being. Many physical discomforts are directly related to a diminished circulatory system which can result in dysfunctional metabolic processes. PEMF improves your horse’s restricted general blood flow, which provides a considerable boost to his recovery and regenerative processes. PEMF therapy also:

  • Improves microcirculation and vasomotion
  • Promotes muscular regeneration
  • Promotes relaxation and recovery processes
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves energy flow
  • Optimizes exercise and supports training by helping improve suppleness
  • Increases performance
  • Helps prevent and increase defence against infection
  • Expedites the recovery process after an injury
  • Results in more efficient hydration
  • Supports the action of the parasympathetic nervous system which directly impacts the digestive and immune systems.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list; it shows only some of the benefits that can be expected. Because the main focus of PEMF therapy is stress reduction and energy flow, the autonomic nervous system is greatly impacted, which in turn regulates every physiological system of the body.

What to look for when buying a device

Like all products and services, some PEMF devices are better than others. When it comes to your health and your horse’s, there is much to consider. Here’s what to look for to get the most bang for your buck:

  • An FDA-registered medical device
  • Focused stimulation to the microvascular system to maintain optimal health
  • Research — the company you buy from should be experienced and knowledgeable
  • Non-partial independent comparative studies
  • Endorsements and use by NASA
  • Integrity — product claims should be fully supported
  • Endorsements of well-respected and successful professionals using the product in their medical practices and/or personal lives
  • Ease of use, both for horse and human.; seek a lightweight, adjustable, battery-operated device that includes multiple uses with one charge
  • Additional applications for injury therapy (wraparound pads, etc. for more intense focused therapy).

PEMF devices are fast becoming a favorite among veterinarians, trainers and horse caretakers alike. Because they support the natural healing capabilities of the entire body, they’re an investment that will bring you great returns!


Brenda Judah, CBS, CBI, and Sharron Oyer, MEd, CBS, CBI, are certified Biofeedback and Stress Management Specialists and Instructors with the Natural Therapies Certification Board.   They have over 29 years of combined experience using BEMER PEMF therapy and biofeedback devices with both humans and animals. They co-own Equine Bio Health and Integrity Biofeedback Academy.,, (239) 221-8977.