How Pegasus Therapy is helping horses recover faster

With their innovative medical devices and extensive knowledge, Pegasus Therapy has been exceeding their mission to “make animals better” for over 10 years.

Laser therapy has become a sought-after treatment in recent years. As more horse owners and veterinarians discover the benefits that laser offers, the demand for it continues to grow. Back in the early 2000s, laser physicist Brian Pryor, PhD took notice of this emergent trend. He decided to use his experience to create a company that could provide therapeutic solutions – specifically, laser devices – to meet this unique need. It was from this brainchild that Pegasus Therapy was born.

In the years since its launch, Pegasus Therapy has become a trusted name in the industry. Veterinarians and trainers alike turn to the brand to deliver the most advanced laser technology, and equestrians across the globe are continually impressed by the therapeutic benefit it provides. Perhaps this positive reputation is a result of Pryor’s readiness to partner with leading industry experts – a move that he made early on. As his business began to grow, the Pegasus founder sought out equine practitioners and engineers to help him better his existing products and develop new ones, and the result was monumental.

So how exactly does the laser technology work? Through a process called photobiomodulation, laser therapy accelerates the body’s ability to heal itself. It’s known to effectively treat a variety of conditions, from chronic to acute, and is a great alternative for horse owners seeking to avoid conventional pain meds and, in some cases, surgical operations. “Our lasers keep horses in peak condition, preventing injuries and helping lame and injured horses to heal with lower incidents of injury recurrence,” explains Dean Francis, Vice President of Pegasus Therapy.

In order to offer equine professionals a more complete treatment solution, Pegasus has recently expanded their product offerings to include minimally invasive and easy-to-use diagnostic equipment. Featuring a small, handheld needle scope and portable tablet, the Pegasus INsight System can be used to quickly identify intra-articular pathologies, without the need for an expensive and cumbersome arthroscopy tower. “From advanced diagnostic tools to therapeutic laser equipment, Pegasus helps practitioners more quickly navigate the route from diagnosis to treatment and get patients on the road to faster recovery,” says Dean.

With over 10 years of design, development and manufacturing expertise under its belt, Pegasus ensures only the best when it comes to diagnostic and therapeutic technology. But their contributions don’t end there. Driven by a deep-seated passion for education, the company offers access to articles, case studies, and free webinars on their website, “At Pegasus our mission is simple – to make animals better,” says Dean. “Being able to see that our products make such a dramatic difference in helping horses get better faster is the most rewarding part of the job. Simultaneously, we are helping veterinarians expand their services and improving horse owner satisfaction by healing their horses faster. The perfect recipe for happy horses and happy people.”