Pain-free injections for horses

This innovative easy-to-use device will deliver pain-free injections to horses.

Every horse will need a needle at some point in his life. No matter the reason, there are emotional and physical difficulties that accompany painful injections with common syringes — syringes that really haven’t changed that much in nearly 170 years. Imagine if there was a way to administer medication in a less invasive way? Soon, there will be. PKA SoftTouch Inc. has been working on an innovative pain-free injection device that will deliver virtually pain-free injections to humans and animals. The company is advancing towards veterinary clinical trials and the device is expected to be on the market later this year.

Old technology vs. PKA Softtouch

Using a traditional syringe is a multi-step process that isn’t particularly pleasant to administer or receive. First, the correct dosage must be pulled from the vial of medication. Then the person administering the injection must find an area with loose skin on the animal. After pulling that section of skin between their fingers, they insert the needle, taking care to not inject it through their own skin and into their fingers. Next, the plunger is pulled back slightly; if blood is seen, the needle must be removed and re-inserted. Finally, once the injection process is finished, the animal must be checked to ensure there is no blood or medication leaking from the injection site.

Sound complicated? That’s because it is. Now imagine a process that allows the veterinarian – or you, the horse caretaker – to pet the horse with one hand while giving him an injection he doesn’t even notice with the other hand. That would never happen with a traditional syringe!

How to use the PKA Softtouch alternative

  1. Remove the prefilled device from the sterile package.
  2. Detach the safety cap.
  3. Place the device against any area where there’s skin, like a rump that’s being rubbed.
  4. Press the plunger – the medication is delivered painlessly in 1 to 1.5 seconds while your horse continues to enjoy his scratches.
  5. Replace the safety cap and toss the device in any trash receptacle — no sharps disposal required!

Why is PKA Softtouch pain-free?

How does the PKA SoftTouch work without causing pain? Unlike a traditional needle that reaches the nerves (Figure 1), this microneedle penetrates only 1.5 mm into the skin layer (Figure 2) and injects the medication into what’s called the “interstitial fluid”, so it causes no pain. In addition, the drug reaches its therapeutic level twice as fast as when injected by a syringe (Figure 3). After the injection, the needle automatically retracts back inside the device, and with a pull of the plunger, locks safely in place.

PKA Softtouch is currently running an “Equity Crowdfunding Campaign”, which will allow the company to raise funds in order to move forward with their veterinary clinical trials. Investors also get shares and become part owners in the program. To learn more, visit the equity campaign page at or the company website at