Nutrena® knows it’s what’s inside that counts!

Backed by almost 100 years of knowledge and experience, Nutrena is the trusted food choice for dog, cat and horse caretakers.

The quantity of pet food being produced today is astronomical. New companies are popping up regularly, competing for a spot on the already-full shelves of retail and feed stores. But the quality of these brands is an entirely different story – many are lacking the nutritional integrity animals need to thrive, and few are taking steps to exceed industry and government standards. Among the small percentage of companies whose knowledge, experience and excellence stands out amid the noise is Nutrena.

Nutrena is a brand of Cargill, Inc. – a name that’s been trusted by farmers and animal parents for nearly 100 years. During that time, quality has always been the company’s top priority. From 1865 when William Wallace Cargill founded his first grain warehouse in Iowa, they’ve taken care to create and manufacture the best of the best. “We believe ‘what’s inside counts’,” says Russell Mueller, Equine Product Line Manager at Cargill Animal Nutrition. “Our motivation is knowing that people rely on us to stand up to our exacting standards with each and every product we produce.”

Today, Cargill is continuing to pave the way for other companies on the market. With the help of some of America’s leading universities, they’re conducting innovative research into the nutritional needs of animals. “Partnering with these institutions gives us access to the specialized expertise we need to develop Nutrena products that are uniquely suited for all types of animals at every stage of their lives,” says Russell. Indeed, every bag of their food works to support important health factors including immune strength, easy digestion and healthy mobility – something all farm owners want for their dogs and cats!

Nutrena Loyall Life® pet food has two product lines to choose from. “Our Loyall Life Super Premium Pet food is a wholesome option that’s always free of by-products, corn, wheat, and soy,” says Kelly Francis, Pet Product Line Manager at Cargill Animal Nutrition. “In addition, Loyall Life Super Premium Grain-Free Pet Food is a wholesome and grain free option – no corn, wheat, soy, or rice.” The brand also offers a variety of high quality protein options – always as the first ingredient – including chicken, lamb, salmon and beef. Unique recipes are available for puppies, adults, and large breed dogs, all at a competitive price point.

According to Russell, health and happiness for animals go hand in hand. “Our feed sustains your animals and much of their health comes from the quality nutrition they’re being fed,” he says. “You already trust Nutrena for the horses you love. Now you can choose it for the dogs and cats you love, too!” And no matter which of their foods you choose to bring home, you can rest assured that it’s expertly-formulated with wholesome ingredients that will help nourish your animals from the inside out.