Equine Metabolic Support supplement from Standard Process may promote healthy metabolic processes through healthy glucose metabolism.

Your horse’s metabolic system is like the engine in a car: it converts fuel to energy so that your horse can race, jump, frolic, work, and stay active. For most horses, a proper diet and plenty of exercise will keep the metabolic system healthy.

But some horses need a little extra nourishment, and Equine Metabolic Support from Standard Process could be the extra nutrition your horse deserves!

How Your Horse’s Metabolic System Works

The metabolic system starts with the food your horse eats. Grass, hay, alfalfa, barley, and other food sources contain nutrients your horse needs to stay healthy and sugar their body needs for energy.

As your horse’s body digests food, carbohydrates break down into glucose. Glucose is then absorbed into the bloodstream and carried to the cells, which use the glucose for energy. A hormone called insulin controls the amount of glucose in the bloodstream, which also helps the liver and muscles to store glucose and plays a role in regulating metabolism.

Additional Metabolic Support for Your Horse

Because the metabolic system is the key to producing the energy your horse needs to stay active, a horse with a healthy metabolic system will likely:

  • Be able to maintain a healthy weight without unexpected challenges
  • Have normal energy levels
  • Enjoy engaging in activities and exercise
  • Have a positive quality of life

Exercise is critical to healthy metabolic function. But, as you know, it’s not always possible for your horse to get as much activity as they need because of things like injuries, inclement weather, or lack of turnout.

The Right Supplements for Your Horse

So what’s a horse parent to do when their horse can benefit from additional metabolic support? You know supplements may help, but which one is the right one? Meet Equine Metabolic Support from Standard Process!

Equine Metabolic Support is a food-based nutritional supplement that’s safe, effective, and made with whole foods.

Equine Metabolic Support from Standard Process may promote healthy metabolic processes of the horse by:

  • Promoting healthy glucose metabolism
  • Supporting healthy insulin function
  • Providing plant-based ingredients that may promote antioxidant activity

A healthy metabolic system helps make for a happy, active horse. Visit Standard Process to find out more about Equine Metabolic Support.

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