In Memory of Dr. Kerry Ridgway

We were saddened to learn that renowned equine veterinarian Dr. Kerry Ridgway passed away on January 3, 2016.

Dr. Ridgway practised conventional veterinary medicine for over two decades, then took a more integrative approach by adding equine chiropractic and acupuncture to his services. A founding member and officer of the Association of Equine Sports Medicine, he was a well-known endurance riding competitor, and was elected to the Endurance Hall of Fame for his contributions to the field. Among the latter was his development of the Cardiac Recovery Index, now an international standard in endurance competitions. Dr. Ridgway has written for both Equine Wellness and Integrative Veterinary Care Journal – his most recent article “Fascia and why it’s so important” is featured in our Winter 2015/16 issue of IVC Journal.

“The horse community has lost a great man whose innovative work has improved the care of our horses,” says veterinarian Dr. C.M. Newell of North Brookfield, MA. “Dr. Kerry Ridgway will be missed by many.”