lawn mower dixie chopper

How an invention in his parents’ barn started this entrepreneur on the road to an industry-leading lawn mower.

More than 30 years ago, discouraged with what had become the status quo for lawn mowers, Art Evans built a zeroturning- radius lawn mower in an old dairy barn on the edge of his parents’ property, outside Fillmore, Indiana. At the time, Evans didn’t realize he was about to embark on a journey that would change the lawn mower industry and the way we cut grass.

Timeless Value

Evans had two distinct goals in mind when he started Dixie Chopper in April 1980. First, he wanted to build a lawn mower that wouldn’t break when you used it. Second, he wanted to build a machine that would offer timeless value, with years of productivity remaining long after it had been paid for. The speed, quality and reliability Dixie Chopper has become known for was the product of Evans’ efforts.

Today, Dixie Chopper builds the most productive midmount zero-turn lawn mowers in the industry, with models ranging from 19 to 54 horsepower and deck sizes from 42” to 74”. With such a diverse product line, there’s a model for everyone’s needs. The formed and welded decks, cast iron deck spindle housings, and stainless steel body panels ensure a Dixie Chopper will stand up to the most demanding of jobs. The company also gives its customers an industry leading warranty with up to a five-year/600-hour bumper-to-bumper or 3,000-hour drive train warranty, lifetime warranties on the frame, front forks, steering levers and linkages on commercial models, and a three-year bumper-to-bumper warranty on residential models.

Pioneer in Alternative Fuel Sources

Over the years, Dixie Chopper has pioneered the use of alternative fuel sources including the world’s first propane-fueled commercial mower, dieselpowered machines up to 50 horsepower, and the world’s only mower powered with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). They’re the only manufacturer that offers models fueled by four different fuel types – gasoline, diesel, propane and CNG, giving customers the most choices.

Growth on Founding Principles

As the company’s products continue to evolve in order to meet the needs of customers, it still offers the rugged and dependable mowers Dixie Chopper has become known for – a mower that will last long after you have paid for it. Each mower that rolls off the assembly line is built with the same principles that Evans put into the first Dixie Chopper over 30 years ago – an affordable yet reliable zero-turn lawn mower, a product that won’t break down, and a superior warranty that covers the mower in the event something does go wrong. Dixie Chopper might not be the first mower you buy, but chances are it will be your last.