An innovative way to keep your stable air clean

Keeping your stable air optimally clean and healthy is the best way to reduce respiratory illness in your equine companions. Learn how this innovative air scrubber works to eradicate contaminants and ammonia odors so you and your horses can breathe easy!

Maintaining clean air in horse stables can be one of the most challenging tasks for horse caretakers. Inside a barn, dust, dirt, fumes, odors, allergens, bacteria, viruses, and ammonia from waste naturally proliferate. No matter how diligent your are in maintaining a clean and healthy environment, horses constantly produce waste which releases noxious gasses that negatively effect air quality.

Better air = healthier horses

The reason odor causes so much alarm is because contaminated air can easily erode a horse’s health. The lungs and the liver of every mammal, including horses, will work overtime to filter out toxins and contaminants when dirty air is inhaled. This process places enormous stress on a horse, reducing the oxygen reserve of the animal, causing internal inflammation, suppressing the immune system, and depleting energy towards performance. Ammonia overload can even cause dangerous mental confusion and lack of coordination in horses. Further, exercise-induced “bleeders” (respiratory hemorrhages) are often caused by the inhalation of airborne toxins.

How to keep stable air clean

So how is it that some horse stables are virtually odor-free, and others have an overwhelming stench, even in stables with pristine cleaning standards? Since 2015, many horse stables, including the stable where former Olympic athlete Bode Miller has sheltered and trained his thoroughbred horses, have a secret weapon: BioOx®.  BioOx is the world’s first 100 percent biologically-derived air scrubber that leverages a natural bio-oxidation process to eradicate even the tiniest of airborne micro-particulates down to 0.0001 microns (ammonia created by horse waste is 0.000326 microns). BioOx is far more powerful, efficient, user-friendly, and effective than “air filters”, such as the ubiquitous and expensive HEPA systems which merely capture particulates no smaller than 0.3 microns and cannot destroy viruses, bacteria, toxins, and other contaminants as BioOx does. BioOx systems fully decontaminate indoor air in any type of facility, rendering agents such as viruses, bacteria, dust, allergens, and ammonia harmless.

The benefits are endless

Because BioOx destroys airborne ammonia, bacteria, and viruses, the incidence of respiratory and other contagious illness (such as equine herpes and Strangles) among horses can be greatly reduced. BioOx also creates a healthy environment for breeders whose mares and vulnerable foals benefit tremendously from an optimally clean, nearly sterile BioOx environment.

The BioOx system uses a bioreactor unit that simply plugs into a power outlet (no rewiring or arduous installation required – every horse stable with electricity is BioOx-ready).  For a demo of the BioOx Equine clean air technology, contact (301) 246-0151 or visit