Animals make the best companions in our world because they set an important example that we as humans should learn as companionship goes.  Any pet will give you love and they don’t care who you are, what you look like, how much money you have, where you live, or what you do.  They forgive you immediately, love you for you, and all they require is a little food and love… maybe even a toy.

Most celebrities are known for being the best nurturers of pets, and are very charitable when it comes to animals, not just their own.  We’ve taken note from one young actress known for her role in the hit dance flick ‘Step Up Revolution’, Kaleina Cordova, whose heart is as heavy as the moves in the movie when it comes to animals.

The young, promising star from Florida kicked off her career early on at just 6 months old for a Fisher Price toy commercial and she’s blossomed ever since, recently re-locating to Hollywood, even though its taken her away from her loving horses back home.

The young starlet truly understands just how important animals really are to us, to herself, and her answer to why is plain and simple.  “Pets will love you unconditionally!”   Even on her spare time, Miss Cordova thinks about animals in almost every way ever since her early days as a child.  “I actually had 3 bunnies growing up!  Snuggles (keep in mind I was 5), Chico (My brothers), and Chowder.  I used to put them on a leash and walk them around the neighborhood pretending they were dogs.  Elephants are my favorite animals.  I could watch them all day.  As a kid, I had always wanted to go elephant trekking, but I became less ignorant.  I realized how abusive those activities really are.  I do not stand for abuse of any kind.  It’s barbaric.  Animals are beautiful creations and should not be viewed as inferior.”

Animals are especially important to celebrities because they have busy lives and often need something simple, yet so passionate to go home to after a long day at the box office.  “Playing and relaxing with animals is great after a long day,” says Kaleina.  Even on set they can be a pleasure, sometimes therapeutic on set as she would explain.  “I worked with a horse one time which was fantastic, except I had the lazy one that liked to stop and smell flowers every 3 minutes.  At one point he just sat down (with me on him) and refused to get back up.  It was pretty funny.  My horse was such a diva.”  When asked what kind of animal she’d like to see one day, Kaleina replied overjoyed, “I would love to interact with a panda!  They are adorable.  I watch Youtube videos of baby pandas all the time!”

Kaleina sets an example of what it means to be an advocate of animals and you should expect to see much more from someone as warm-hearted and talented as her.

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