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iFEED technology mimics the natural grazing habits of your horse.

Horses are grazing animals and their stomachs are designed to handle a slow feed intake. Over time, we have adapted their feeding programs to be more convenient for us, often feeding larger grain meals two to three times per day.

The iFEED system was developed based on the simple concept of adapting how horses are being fed in the barn to how horses graze on the pastures. Developed in Denmark in 1995 by Christian T. Dahl, the system has been used by European horse owners who understand the benefit of feeding their horses multiple, smaller meals throughout the course of the day for over twelve years now. The automated feed dispenser system can be set to feed your horse anywhere from 1 to 720 times in a 24-hour period at 15 different portion settings.

Feeding your horse many small meals each day can help eliminate undigested feed and many of the common digestive diseases found today such as colic and ulcers. Your horse can better absorb essential nutrients, and smaller portions create less spillage. The barn will be quieter for it, too – the feeding system helps alleviate boredom, and creates a calmer environment during and leading up to feed time s