We’ve all had great teachers in our lives. Someone we can look back on and remember the live lessons they taught us. Your horse can also be a wonderful teacher, and one you may not of even thought about.

Horses are masters at assessing your body language. They are also able to read your thoughts, intentions, and ultimately the energy surrounding your very being. Even before your arrival at the barn, they can sense how you feel and often reflect it back to you through their being and actions. Horses don’t ask much of us, but the most important thing they do ask is that you are present in their presence.

You can do this by:

  • Taking a moment to unwind and ground yourself with deep breathing before you visit your horse.
  • Being aware of your emotions and making the decision to leave your worries at home. Give yourself permission to enjoy your time together with your horse.
  • Removing any time pressures. You have the choice to either rush through your experience together, or to truly be present and enjoy every moment.
  • Realizing that strong agendas, focus and clarity are all good things, but when you refuse to be flexible and these things rule your life, you lose sight of what is important.

Being mindful of your thoughts will change the whole relationship with your horse. Notice how much more he connects with you as you share in his silent language. As you quiet your mind, you will create space to capture your horse’s whispers through a deeper connection, greater understanding, and more subtle communication. If you find your mind wandering into the past or future, simply acknowledge the thought and bring yourself back to the present moment.