Herbal products to keep your horse in peak health

Equine Medical and Surgical Associates LLC. offers herbal supplements and educational resources designed to help horse caretakers provide the best for their equine companions.

Veterinarian Dr. Frank K. Reilly, DVM, has 32 years of experience working with animals – and he’s dedicated to sharing that expertise. His mission to help others improve the health and wellbeing of their horses is the driving force behind Equine Medical and Surgical Associates LLC, a company that offers a variety of supplements for horses with insulin resistance, heaves/COPD, joint problems, and much more. His website, equinemedsurg.com, has become a highly respected platform where horse lovers can obtain education and products that support his overarching mission, and seek direct advice from Dr. Reilly himself.

A focus on wholistic health

Since before the launch of Equine Medical and Surgical Associates, Dr. Reilly has upheld and promoted the fact that proper diet and exercise is essential for horse health. “Our supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease,” he says. “They were designed to help maintain horse health, not act as magic bullets for any ailment.” This primary focus on a healthy lifestyle is why Dr. Reilly has always placed education at the forefront of his company. He believes that nutritional supplements are only one component of good health, and that the key to thriving horses lies in taking a wholistic approach.

Diverse products for diverse symptoms

Over the years, Dr. Reilly and his associates have worked together to design a wide range of herbal equine supplements, each with different uses. HEAVE HO is formulated with adaptogens, high dose vitamin E and balanced minerals that work to improve breathing in horses with heaves/COPD and other respiratory issues. Comfort Quik is a hemp-based joint complex for equines with mobility issues. Health-E is a maximum strength vitamin E powder recommended for horses on dirt lots, with neurological issues, liver problems, eye disorders, skin damage, muscle soreness and more.

Perhaps the company’s most well-known product, HEIRO™, is the top supplement in the USA for insulin resistant horses. Designed to get horses back on pasture, HEIRO helps Cushing’s horses with insulin problems, and works to eliminate foot pain during the cold winter months. It’s formulated with natural herbs, high concentrations of vitamin E, and pharmaceutical-grade magnesium, and contains no fillers, artificial colors or preservatives. Every purchase of HEIRO comes with a free consult, during which horse caretakers, veterinarians or farriers can learn more about the product and its benefits.

Over the years, Dr. Reilly has worked on world record racehorses, show hunters and jumpers, backyard pleasure horses and ponies, and even donkeys. In each case, he has urged caretakers and trainers to consult their veterinarian and farrier regarding information and products obtained from Equine Medical and Surgical Associates. “I respect the veterinarian-client relationship, and always want to ensure that our supplements are medically indicated,” he says. “It takes a village to raise a healthy horse, and all of us at Equine Medical and Surgical are proud to be part of that village!”