Phoenix Equine Rescue

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Location: Huntington, WV

Year established: 2009

Number of staff/volunteers: “We have no paid staff, but our board of directors consists of five board members, and we have six reliable volunteers, and six foster homes,” says president Tinia Creamer.

Types of animals they work with: “We do not target a particular age, breed or discipline. Our goal has always been to rescue and rehabilitate horses we feel have an honest chance at living sound, functional lives in well-screened adoptive homes.” Fundraising targets: “We are always fundraising to support monthly expenses. This includes grain, hay, vet and farrier bills, fuel, clerical fees and training costs for the ten to 14 horses we support at any given time.”

Favorite rescue story: “Moon was found by another group, wandering Columbus, Ohio in deplorable condition. She came to us to finish her rehab and be adopted out. She was a five-year-old Standardbred that had raced as a two-year-old and was then discarded. Our rescue diligently screens adoptive homes, but unfortunately, there are always risks when horses are placed. Heart of Phoenix retains ownership of all horses we place with
adopters. Moon’s adopter defaulted on her contract with us, and sold her on Craigslist.

“This story could have had a horrific ending, but our team came together in an amazing way. Two of our volunteers covered Ohio, made phone calls and never stopped searching. Months later, we tracked Moon down in Pennsylvania through someone who had purchased her through a chain of events, and we recovered her.

“Moon’s illegal sale and her amazing recovery spurred us to take groundbreaking steps in improving how to handle horse placement. Now, each Heart of Phoenix horse will carry a freeze brand with our symbol, which is in the process of being registered in Kentucky. We believe this will deter adopters from ever attempting to sell one of our rescue horses; it will also allow those who may see this brand turn up somewhere questionable to know this horse belongs to us.”