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Do you share your life with a rescue horse, or one that has suffered trauma? Gentle yet powerful flower remedies can assist in bringing him peace and balance.

Is there a rescue horse in your life who was once a victim of abuse, abandonment or trauma? It’s an all too common scenario, unfortunately, since so many of these benevolent beings bear the brunt of humanity’s missteps, not to mention downright neglect and cruelty. If you’re left to pick up the physical and emotional pieces, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the task.

Healing Frequencies

Flower essences could be one of your best allies in dealing with and promoting healing in a rescue horse, or any horse that has undergone trauma. They are subtle but powerful vibrational energies that assist with profound healing on a variety of levels.

Simply put, flower essences are the energetic or vibrational healing frequencies of flowers, captured in spring water, then stabilized and preserved to retain their integrity. These frequencies contain the unique life force energy pattern or imprint of the flower. When taken internally or applied topically, they awaken specific resonant qualities in the horse’s soul. Because of this, you can’t harm a horse by using the wrong essence. If you make an incorrect choice, it will simply have no effect.

Bach’s Flower Remedies

Flower essences were first developed in England in the 1930s by researcher and physician Dr. Edward Bach. His Bach Flower Remedies were originally developed for humans as a catalyst for personal growth and emotional healing, but they have also been used safely in animals for over 60 years. Since then, many additional flower essence lines have been developed around the world using Bach’s methods.

One of the most commonly known Bach products, Rescue Remedy, is a blend of five flower essences (Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem). It was designed to help humans and horses deal with emergency situations and stressful events. Most essence producers have their own version of this remedy, which is known to ease stress, distress and tension, and encourage calm, reassurance and relaxation.

Rescue Remedy is a safe alternative to sedatives or tranquilizers and can be used in horses for a myriad of emergency, trauma and stress situations. It’s a “catchall” remedy that many people are familiar with, and is often the first one reached for when something goes wrong. It does work very well in many situations; however, I want to stress that it is not always the best one to use. Sometimes a more focused and specific remedy will yield better results.

Horses Have Sensitive Spirits

Flower essences help clear out non-beneficial physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy patterns and blockages, and encourage peace, balance, serenity and healing. Issues such as anxiety, neglect, injury, trauma, fear, terror, starvation, hoof problems, parasites, abandonment, abuse, mistrust and broken bonds can be treated with these remedies. Often, imbalances or “dis-eases” are absorbed from people and/or environments (past and present) in the horse’s life. As horses are such sensitive energetic beings, they can even suffer the collective injustices done to their species as a whole.

In my more than 15 years of healing and communicating with horses, I have found these animals have unique, specific energy patterns and imbalances that benefit from flower essence healing. Therefore, I developed a line of essences especially for horses and the issues they present. The benefit of these alcohol-free essences, which are blends of many flowers, is that they address each specific situation and pattern as a whole.

Flower essences have no negative impact on horses who may be sharing a watering system but don’t require healing themselves. As a matter of fact, it’s recommended that all members of a herd, including human caretakers, take the same essences. This helps create an integrated, resonant and harmonious atmosphere.

Flower essences are fragrance free, easy to administer and non toxic. They have no known side effects, and do not interfere with medications. They make a great addition to holistic and allopathic medicine, especially for horses with trauma or other emotional issues.

Lynn McKenzie is an internationally acclaimed Animal Intuitive and publisher of the Divine Mission of Animals newsletter and the free Making the Heart Connection audio course. She is a world leader in the field of teaching Animal Communication and Animal Energy Healing.Visit


Lynn McKenzie is an internationally known Animal Intuitive and publisher of “The Divine Mission of Animals” news letter. She specializes in helping others to attune and awaken to the teachings and wonder that all sentient beings wish to share. Lynn offers regular Teleclass training, an instructional DVD on communicating with animals, flower essences, and private consultations. She can be reached at 214-615-6505 ext. 8642 or through her website at