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Location: Homeland, CA 

Year established: 2013 

Number of staff/volunteers: “There are six of us that make up Forgotten Horse Rescue. We have various weekly volunteers and several people that foster for us,” says president Trisha Geltner. 

Types of animals they work with: “We go to local auctions and rescue slaughter-bound horses. We take abused, abandoned and emaciated horses as well as network Craigslist horses.” 

Fundraising targets: “We are currently fundraising for feed.” 

Favorite rescue story: “Earlier last year, Forgotten Horse Rescue took in a older, emaciated gelding from a horse tripping situation. He could barely walk to the trailer. We were sure we were rescuing him to perform a last act of kindness. Within a week, he perked up and the sparkle came back to his eye. We recently adopted him out to a little girl named Amethyst whose mother contacted us. For her ninth birthday, Amethyst didn’t want presents; she wanted her friends and family to donate to Forgotten Horses. When Amethyst came out and visited Blue and the other horses, we found out from her mother that they wanted to get their daughter her first horse. On Amethyst’s birthday, we were able to deliver Blue as a surprise, and because of our amazing supporters, supply her with a saddle, saddle pad and full bridle. He went from an emaciated, defeated little Paint horse, to a thriving boy with a whole family that adores him.”