The average lifespan of a horse is typically between 20 and 30 years. Yet feral horses are said to live well into their 30s and beyond. This dramatic difference in longevity has led researchers to conduct studies comparing the lifestyles of feral and domestic horses.

When we talk about equine anti-aging and longevity, we’re referring to high quality of life, a calm and centered state of mind, sustained energy, and painless mobility, well into the horse’s senior years. Research reveals that not only are the diseases and ailments associated with progressing age treatable, but they can actually be prevented. How? By creating an environment for your horse that mimics the wild.

Walk with your horse on the “wild side”

1. Encourage socialization. Horses are natural herd animals. Their state of mind is heavily reliant on the socialization and hierarchal structure of the herd.

2. Give him freedom of movement. Allow your horse the opportunity to enjoy grass pasture and free roaming.

3. Go for free-choice feeding. Promote longevity by allowing your horse to eat when he or she chooses. It’s psychologically rewarding, most akin to his hereditary impulses, and ideal for overall digestion.

4. Provide him with a stimulating environment – it’s crucial to your equine partner’s longevity, happiness and well being.

Mother Nature provides for all our needs, and our horses’. What the earth provides in abundance forms the foundation for all Purica products.