Celery seed for horses

If you or your horse are struggling with the challenges of the colder months this year, consider reaching for celery seed.

Winter is upon us, and along with it, the stark reality of frigid temperatures, colds, flu and other illnesses. We feel less likely to venture out to the barn and spend quality time with our equine friends, and our horses are adorned in extra layers to keep them warm and comfortable. However, the struggle need not be so daunting. There’s a little help to keep us toasty and comfortable from the inside out – behold, celery seed!

If you are the chef of the household, you have most likely heard of or used celery seed in your creations. As it’s an Eastern Ayurvedic herb, however, most Western cultures are not privy to the incredible medicinal benefits of celery seed. Traditionally, its medicinal properties include treating flus and colds with its warming antiseptic properties. The main and unique compounds in celery seed include 3-nbutylphtalide (3nB) and lutein (which has also shown potential as a preventative cancer treatment).

Full Body Benefits

Celery seed can benefit the liver, spleen and urinary systems in several ways. The diuretic properties eliminate harmful toxins and excess fluids through urination. This can provide an excellent cleanse in many cases, such as a horse coming off the racetrack and who was treated with multiple potentially damaging conventional medications. It can also be beneficial for a horse that was hospitalized and treated with long-term antibiotics. It’s important to note that most conventional diuretics can be very dangerous as they alter the sodium-to- potassium ratios. Celery seed does not do this.

Celery seed can also be helpful for urinary infections, due to its antibiotic and antiseptic properties. The herb restores balance to the entire prostaglandin system.

If the colder weather brings on aches and pains, celery seed can help there too. Remarkable studies show the efficacy of celery seed for reducing the pain and inflammation of osteo/ rheumatoid arthritis. Clinical studies show celery seed to be even more effective than conventional NSAIDs. Its diuretic properties also eliminate edema in joints and soft tissue.

And finally, if the holidays tend to be stressful, this herb can assist in lowering blood pressure. The compound 3nB is considered hypertensive and highly effective in reducing blood pressure – clinical results to prove this are outstanding!


Theresa Gilligan has been involved in riding and training horses for 25 years, including racing and breeding Thoroughbreds. She also has over 14 years in the financial industry and degrees in International Business. She has dedicated the last five years to researching alternative medicinal practices, with a specific focus on Ayurveda. Neachai (Neachai.ca) is the first Equine Ayurvedic-specific alternative practice in North America.