cedar oil

Cedar oil has been used for centuries to repel insects, but the type you’re utilizing may not be as effective as it could be. The benefits of cedar oil as a natural repellent have been recognized for a very long time. There are many commercially available products with some form of cedar derivative in them. As with many natural ingredients, however, you’ll find a wide spectrum of purity and effectiveness across these products.

Port Orford cedar is found only in certain areas of the Pacific NW. It’s mainly concentrated in a small section along the Oregon coast. The oil from this cedar has been used for centuries by coastal Native Americans as an excellent mosquito repellent. It is very pleasant smelling, unlike some other western cedar tree oils, which tend to be musty or have an overpowering pine-resin odor, similar to some cleaning products.

Port Orford cedar oil is very effective against all sorts of biting insects including mosquitoes, gnats and blackflies. By combining its power with peppermint and citronella oils, Healing Tree created “Go’way!” All Natural Insect Repellent in 2004. This safe product can be used on both horse and rider, making it a unique alternative to other repellents.

Healing Tree also makes grooming products for cleansing and conditioning hair coats and skin, using natural ingredients with repellent properties such as tea tree and peppermint oils. All our grooming products are pH balanced specifically for horse skin and hair.


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