Building confidence naturally with pheromones

Help your horse face his fears and build confidence with pheromones.

Horses are highly sensitive to their environment and surroundings. Because of this, fear is considered a normal response in the horse. Fear can be managed by building confidence in horses. This involves things like teaching them not to overreact when faced with new or unexpected stimuli, such as traveling, loud and sudden noises, new environments, clipping or various healthcare procedures including hoof trimming/shoeing or dental treatments. In these cases, pheromones can also help.

A bit about pheromones

Nursing mares naturally produce an appeasing pheromone, which provides reassurance to their new foals. This pheromone helps the foal feel safe and secure when encountering new situations and unknown environments.

CONFIDENCE EQ® is a copy of this equine-appeasing pheromone. In horses, the presence of this pheromone is a signal that the environment is safe and secure. This is groundbreaking technology and a fantastic non-drug solution to help horses manage new or unexpected stimuli.

Recommended for equines of all ages, this synthetic pheromone is used to help build confidence in horses faced with new or troubling situations, including:

• Traveling/trailering, recovery after arrival

• Environmental changes: moving to a new stable, going indoors/outdoors, new owner/caretaker

• Training events, introducing new exercises

• Social situations: foal weaning, meeting new stable mates or pasture mates

• Healthcare procedures: farrier visits, veterinary visits, dental visits

• Dealing with loud noises: large crowds, thunderstorms, fireworks, gunshots, motor vehicles

This product is extremely easy to use. Simply mix the contents before use by kneading the gel within the packet for 30 to 40 seconds. Tear open one end of the packet and expel approximately half the gel on your index finger. Apply the gel to the bottom edge of the horse’s nostril (not too deep, or in the mucosa). Apply the remainder of the gel in the packet to the other nostril, using the same procedure. For optimal results, this product is best when applied 20 to 30 minutes before the stressful situation. Repeat the application every two to two-and- a-half hours if necessary.

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