Photo courtesy of BLM.

To reduce the population of wild horses and burros on public lands in the West, the BLM is offering an incentive to successful applicants willing to adopt one of these equines.

According to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), there are more than 80,000 wild horses and burros across public lands in the West. Because this population is so high, the range is undergoing damage, and many horses and burros are facing potential starvation and dehydration now that summer is arriving.

In a new effort to find homes for the wild horses and burros, the BLM is offering $1,000 to qualified applicants willing to adopt one through the Adoption Incentive Program. The overall intent is to encourage prior adopters to re-engage with the program, and introduce new applicants for assistance with the initial costs of training or humane care.

The BLM gathers wild horses and provides them with food, medical care and shelter. This can cost up to $2,000 per horse each year – an expense that isn’t sustainable. Applicants must have an enclosed area that is a minimum of 400 square feet in size, with access to feed, water and shelter.

Interested applicants can visit to learn more about the requirements.