bitless bridles

Can you do dressage in bitless bridles? This is a very common question asked by competitive riders. The answer is yes. Many people do, and they do it very well. But the question you should be asking is: “May you do dressage bitless?”

Like most countries, the USA and Canada do not allow bitless bridles in dressage at FEI level events. But the petitions and proof supporting the benefits of bitless bridles are growing rapidly.


• The Dutch Association of Bitless Riding recently announced that starting April 1, 2014, you will be allowed to ride bitless at official KNHS dressage competitions. The Netherlands has been pioneering bitless competition since 2009, and beginning in April of 2010 there were separated classes at competitions. The goal is to open up to higher classes as soon as current riders at the first level test advance higher. The Dutch are probably the first who will allow such an integration.

• The first Bitless Dressage Competition held in Australia was a huge success. A wonderful group of people came together for an amazing day. We had 27 competitors. The Bitless Dressage Competition will now be an annual event.

If you would like to compete bitless in dressage, check out