bitless bridle

Bitless Bridle, giving horses and their riders new hope all over the world.

Consider the words of a recent convert to riding in a bitless bridle: “My horse came home last week, and on our very first ride with the bitless bridle, it was like I was riding a different horse,” my correspondent wrote. “He stayed with me instead of struggling. He was difficult to stop in a bitted bridle because he was so miserable, but in the bitless he stops on a dime. My trainer says it looks like he has a small mouth, which probably contributes to his bit misery. He still cranes for the bit sometimes, as if he’s expecting it to materialize out of nowhere.

“With a bitless bridle, tacking up is no longer a drama. He slips his nose right in and we’re off. It’s such a relief to be able to give this sweet horse more comfort and less stress than he was used to in his previous home. I think some people might have passed him over because he struggled so much with a bit, but I knew I had a perfect solution with a bitless bridle and trusted that he would appreciate it. He does, and so far our relationship is off to a great start. I’m so thankful to be able to give this guy relief, while still being able to have a great ride myself.”

This exciting yet objective testimony to bitless bridles clearly demonstrates just how effective they are for both horse and rider.