Back to school: acupressure and massage for horses

The Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage is giving animal lovers the opportunity to pursue their dream jobs.

In 2003, Lisa Speaker’s basset hound, Betty, started her on a journey that would lead to the development of one of the most recognized schools for complimentary therapies for animals.

“Lisa dedicated herself to giving Betty a fabulous life, but the breed is predisposed to joint and skin issues, and Betty was aging,” says Jenny Rukavina, Executive Director of RMSAAM. “Lisa flew to California with Betty to attend animal massage and acupressure courses, and noticed a difference in Betty’s mobility and skin/coat health before they even came home. Betty inspired Lisa to take massage courses; later, the dog helped her teach massage to other pet owners, and she was by Lisa’s side when she founded the Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage.” Twelve years later, the school has grown and is well respected for animal massage and acupressure certification.

Something for everyone

The school has grown tremendously since its inception. With three campuses (Longmont, CO, Elizabeth, CO, and Fort Myers, FL), RMSAAM has become one of the world’s best known schools in the industry, with students coming from all over the world.

“RMSAAM is proud to offer fantastic programs, and give people the career they have always dreamed of,” says Sarah Gonzales, Assistant to the Director. “We have had people with many different backgrounds come through our school, and each one just wants to do what they love.”

“We offer Canine and Equine Massage programs in Colorado, Florida, or online,” continues Sarah. “These programs consist of three levels that will give the student well-rounded knowledge and allow them to become certified to start their career.” RMSAAM also offers Equine and Canine Acupressure programs in Colorado. Students looking for shorter courses can attend one or two-day workshops in areas like Animal Communication, Laser Therapy, and Essential Oils for Animals. If you aren’t able to attend classes at one of their locations, RMSAAM has been working to build its online program, in order to make education on these modalities available to everyone.

Approved and regulated

In a world where certifications and regulations are king, especially when it comes to areas that regularly come under scrutiny, such as complimentary therapies, RMSAAM can hold its head high. “There are lots of things we are proud of,” says Sarah. “We are approved and regulated through the Colorado Department of Higher Education Private Occupational School Board, are an approved provider through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, the International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork, and the Registry for Alternative and Integrative Veterinary Education, to name a few. Our massage programs recently received approval from the Washington State Department of Health granting our graduates the opportunity to receive licensure in the State of Washington. We pride ourselves on supporting our students through the whole process, not just while they are attending a class. Our instructors are all working practitioners who offer our students real-world, diverse experience and knowledge.”