Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Shelly Black

Shelly Black is a lifelong horse enthusiast. As a young woman, she had the good fortune of apprenticing under three different top horse trainers. She went on to study nutrition, which inspired her to take an all-natural approach to horse health. In 2019, Shelly created SecretSynergyStones.com, a company that provides EMF-shielding jewelry to people and animals. She’s the proud creator of two other equine products, an All-Natural Tick Deflective Spray for Horses & Dogs (Ticks-Off.com) and an Equine Endocrine Support Calming Cream (SereneByNature.com), and is the author of a free e-book that shares over 200 links for healthy horse products (HealthyHorseHolisticHandbook.com). Shelly lives in Tehachapi, CA with her many rescued animals: three horses, one donkey, four dogs, three cats, and two birds.