Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Mercedes Colburn

As a practicing herbalist, owner of the Herb Farm Company and Through The Eye International, Mercedes Colburn, ND, PhD, was in the business of alternative medicine. She studied with top iridologists in human iridology, but when she lost two of her prized horses to colic her mission changed. She went into research to find the reason for colic, how to prevent it, and how to see it coming through the use of iridology for horses. Iridology was a familiar tool used by Mercedes and has been used as a diagnostic tool since ancient times. Mercedes needed a veterinary consultant; she collaborated with Dena Eckerdt, DVM in creating the “equine iridology grid”. The biggest and most powerful discovery made was in the intestinal system. Proving the equine iridology grid by means of veterinarians, necropsies, and pathology labs has been a journey of great value. Through The Eye International now offers this ”Equine Iridology” grid as a much-needed tool for equine veterinians and therapists. equineiridology.com