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B. Nicole Wilson

Equine massage is much more than just a career for Nicole, it truly is her passion! She began riding when she was ten and purchased her first horse when she was fourteen and has done much training, massage and Reiki treatments with him. The massage and Reiki treatments proved to be very effective as he experienced a serious injury in September of 2008, giving her vital hands-on practical experience with her massage therapy training. Her education includes an associate Diploma in Agriculture – Equine Option and successfully completed courses such as: Equine Anatomy and Physiology, Alternative Therapies, Conformation and Lameness, Equine Health, Feeds and Feeding, and Conditioning. She successfully completed an equine massage course and became a Certified Equine Massage Therapist in June of 2008. This certification led to Nicole starting her own equine massage business: Equine Serenity Massage Therapy www.equineserenity.webs.com.