A couple of years ago, I was walking a friend’s large German shepherd. I foolishly had Sasha’s leash wrapped around my hand. When she suddenly lunged, I held on but my right ring finger snapped. I looked down at my finger lying at a funny angle across my palm and calmly told my friend, “We need to go back to your place now – I’ve broken my finger.” I felt no pain as we walked to her house. When we arrived, I took a high potency dose of homeopathic Arnica Montana.

Suddenly I snapped back into my body and needed to sit down, realizing I had been in shock. Arnica is very good for the shock that comes after an injury. In this case, instead of experiencing pain relief, my finger suddenly hurt where it hadn’t before. Under the circumstances, this was actually good as it alerted me to the need for prompt medical attention. I had x-rays and was diagnosed with a spiral fracture. Regular high potency doses of Arnica helped control my pain and also maximized my body’s ability to keep the circulation going to promote healing. My finger never swelled or turned purple and I was fortunate to not need surgery.

Homeopathy is a gentle but powerful healing modality that’s as beneficial for horses as it is for humans. It’s especially suited to horse folk; a tube of Arnica in your pocket will make you many friends while out riding. A quick dose under the tongue after a hard fall will frequently help the rider forget it ever happened. And after a long ride, when you went further than intended and you and your horse are both tired, a dose for each of you will help you get going much more easily next morning!

What Arnica does

The beauty of homeopathic medicine is that it assists your body to heal faster and better, and doesn’t merely suppress symptoms. Arnica appears to work by improving circulation to an area, so purple bruising indicating congestion does not get a chance to develop. In addition, it prevents soreness in over-exerted muscles that are unable to convert and remove lactic acid. So there are no aches and pains next day.

What’s the dosage?

I recommend you buy a 30C tube of Arnica Montana and carry it in your pocket. Take three pellets under your tongue if you have a fall or experience sore muscles after a ride. You will be surprised how much better you feel the next morning. If the discomfort returns, just take another dose. If you feel so good you forget to take it, then you know you are healed. Once you’re accustomed to using this homeopathic remedy for yourself and your horse, you won’t want to be without it.

HINT: Arnica is a mainstay for controlling pain, keeping circulation going and hastening the healing of injuries.