6 nutrients that support hoof health

Do your horse’s hooves need some extra support? Here are six nutrients to look for when shopping for a hoof health supplement!

As a horse caretaker, you know that hoof health is important. But did you know that certain nutrients can make a huge difference in the state of your horse’s feet? Below, we’ve outlined six ingredients that are sure to have a positive impact on your horse’s hooves!

1. Flax Seed

Flax seed contains vitamin E, an essential component of body-wide antioxidant defenses. This vitamin is also essential when it comes to hoof quality, helping to strengthen the hoof wall and prevent cracking. Flax seed contains fat, which helps aid in the absorption of vitamin E.

2. Zinc

Hoof wall epidermal cells, dermis and blood vessels all require zinc for cell reproduction, maintenance, and repair. Dietary supplementation of zinc is required because this mineral is often present at a level that doesn’t meet the horse’s daily requirements.

3. Manganese

Manganese supports every aspect of horse health and performance including hooves, joints, muscles, skin and coat, mane and tail, and digestion. This mineral plays a role in the development of bones, which makes it a key player in the overall structure of your horse’s feet.

4. Copper

Supplements that contain copper support bone and cartilage health as well as hoof strength.

5. Cobalt

Cobalt is converted to vitamin B12 in your horse’s hindgut. Together, the nutrients work to support your horse’s body tissues, including his hooves.

6. Biotin

Biotin, a water-soluble vitamin within the B group, is generally acknowledged as a significant component to the growth process of hooves.

To ensure your horse’s levels of the above listed nutrients are sufficient, look for a supplement that’s specifically formulated for hoof health. Not sure where to start? Not sure where to start? Start with TheraHoof. TheraHoof’s unique, concentrated blend of nutrients includes the essential

nutrients flax seed, zinc, manganese, copper, cobalt and biotin. TheraHoof promotes hoof growth, supports hoof walls, and promotes capillary circulation. Give it a try and watch your horse’s hooves thrive!


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