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probiotics for horses

A healthy gut is the basis for a healthy horse. Here’s how probiotics can help. Dairy products including yogurt or kefir are not meant for horses. Look for horse-specific probiotics blended with yeast cultures and Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which help the fermentation process in the gut and provide essential nutrients for bacteria to properly grow and …

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slow feeding

Slow feeding isn’t just for easy keepers. More and more people are looking into slow feeding as a way to offer their horses forage. But there’s a tendency to think that slow feeding is mainly for easy keepers or those with metabolic issues. This isn’t the case – any horse can benefit. Left to their …

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Although many people in the horse world use the term probiotic, they may not realize the major role these live beneficial organisms play in their horse’s health. Probiotics boost our horse’s immune health, prevent some forms of colic, and may help our horses steer clear of equine ulcers. In fact, in her book, Equine Supplements …

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