Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue

Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue

Equine Wellness will donate 25% of each subscription purchased using promo code EWA050 to Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue.

Location: Hagersville, ON

Year established: 2007

Staff/volunteers/foster homes: 30 weekly volunteers, and three foster homes.

Types of animals they work with: Horses, donkeys, and ponies.

Fundraising projects: An annual open house fundraiser, horse sponsorship, memberships, calendar sponsorship and purchase, and merchandise.

Favorite rescue story: “Milagro came to us as one of the most emaciated horses we had taken in,” writes Brenda Thompson, the rescue’s founder. “He was 500 lbs underweight, had a severe skin infection, and was infested with internal parasites. The next morning when I went to check on him, he was down and could not get up. When the vet arrived she stated that it didn’t look good. It was at that point Milagro tried hard to get up, but did not have the strength. We realized he had a strong will to live and decided to see if we could save him. We put the electric blanket from our bed on him and gave him warm IV fluids to bring his body temp up. My husband and I then made a makeshift harness to lift him with the skid steer. He has held his head proud ever since and made a full recovery. That where his name came from – Milagro means “miracle” in Spanish. Milagro has taught us to never give up! He is my hero and inspiration each and every day.”


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